Anetrice House, Incorporated

      Robyn Anetrice Christian


Robyn has had an extensive background in providing services to the Community, from working for Baltimore City Child Support Enforcement to Virginia Beach Law Enforcement.  Robyn's career took a rewarding turn when she began to work with Hearts & Homes, Mother and Baby Program as a Foster Parent.

1.  In 1990, Robyn gave birth to a beautiful and intelligent daughter. With the support of her "Village," she began her career as Child Support Enforcement Specialist.

2.  In 1993, Robyn married and gave birth to a vibrant and curious son. Years after being married, she became a single parent of two. Luckily, she still had the support of her “Village,” to push and encourage her.

3.  In 1998, Robyn started the career that she always wanted, Law Enforcement Officer. Seven years as a law enforcement officer included being a Correctional Officer at Virginia Beach City Jail.

4.  In 2010, Robyn started a new adventure that changed her life. She became a foster parent. When she started with Hearts & Homes, a Mother, and Baby Program, it was to nurture and direct young mothers on a better path. What Robyn didn’t realize, is the impact that it would make in her life. It made her take a closer look at herself.

5.  In 2016, Robyn became the Vice President of Dorchester Community Association.  In her role as VP, she became even more aware of the local needs, through representing her community in Baltimore's political arena.

6.  In 2018, Robyn was invited to become a member of the Baltimore City Mayor Women's Commission.  She accepted because, amongst the many women's issues that they support, they support transitional services for girls leaving the foster care system.

Robyn and the young ladies talked about everything, from their childhoods to sexual and emotional abuse. Even though Robyn had the privilege of being raised by both parents, counseling was the “Key to Success” for her. Robyn has fostered girls from all walks of life, but all of their results were the same, raising a child without the support of a “Village.”

Over the years of living with and fighting for the young ladies, it became apparent to her that there is a foundational problem that the system is lacking. There were numerous girls that aged out of this program and ended up in shelters with their babies and their belongings. Some of these girls had opportunities to continue their education but were unable to because they didn’t have the basics for themselves and their babies, are safe housing and food.

Robyn’s Acknowledgements:
As my biological children continued to grow and flourish, my daughter received an Athletic Scholarship for Basketball, which introduced me to another issue facing young women. When she went off to college, there was another requirement for the scholarship that she had to meet.

There was a form the female athletes had to sign, that in layman's terms state that if she got pregnant, she forfeited her scholarship. My daughter lost some outstanding teammates to this technicality, and to this day they still haven’t been able to return to college to complete their degree, because they don’t have the support of a “Village.”

It’s unfair to punish the female for getting pregnant when she didn’t get pregnant by herself. Most of the time, they get pregnant by a male on the boy's team for the same sport. These young men can stay on campus and continue their education without any consequences, while the female has to leave the dormitory because her pregnancy has become a liability to the school.

Having these experiences, I believe that God has groomed me to take on this project. I also believe that God has guided my footsteps in my personal and professional life to ensuring that I am mental, physically and psychologically prepared to successfully meet and soar with the support of my “Village.” Anetrice House, Inc will be the “Village” for all of these young women.