Anetrice House, Incorporated

2020 was a mess but guess what......

It gives you an opportunity to have a "redo."

Yes, a "redo!"

All of the new year resolutions you started off with last year you can start anew this year.
Instead of planning it the same as you did last year, ELEVATE your plans this year.
2020 has left us with remnants of faith, truth, prosperity, and health.

Make 2021 the year that you reinstall full faith, full truth, more prosperity and more health.

You can start by donating to Anetrice House!
Anetrice House supports mothers that are pregnant or have children.

You can help them understand faith, truth, prosperity and health by donating.

Their support extends beyond housing and supervising the mothers. It now provides virtual support that teaches the mothers how to become the best they can, in order to impact generations.

We offer a mother pursuing, an education, the programs to get through the trials and tribulations of balancing their baby (ies), school, and life. See how Anetrice House is different from the other Mom and Baby support villages.

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Best Regards,
Robyn A. Christian
Founder and CEO of Anetrice House, Inc.