Anetrice House, Incorporated

     ‚ÄčAnetrice House, Inc was established to assist young mothers, 16-25 years of age, in deciding their paths in life and is rooted in the belief that "It takes a village to raise a child."  Many young mothers often do not have the support of the family that is needed to successfully continue and/or pursues their educational and/or vocational goals.  As a result of this lack of support, many are forced to rely on governmental assistance and ultimately abandon their paths to success.

    In order to end the cycle of young mothers forfeiting their educational and/or vocational paths, Anetrice House, Inc is a dynamic program that can provide colleges and universities a complete and holistic alternative for young mothers to continue on their paths of success and assist educational facilities to maintain good standing under Title IX Education Amendment.

    Anetrice House, Inc provides young mothers with the love, the time, and support needed to continue on their paths of success and raise healthily and happy children!

Housing for Mother's Pursuing a Higher Education