Ms. Robyn where do I start.  I met Ms. Christian In 2016 after I had my oldest child.  When I came to her home I was so angry at the world.  Ms. Robyn recognized I was angry and one day while we were cooking dinner we were talking and she said to me,”Baby girl what happened to make you so angry.”  I still remember my heart dropping just like it she just said it.  I started crying and she just held me.  I told her how my family didn’t like. Ms. Robyn asked me if she got me a in-home therapist would I do therapy?  That was the best thing I ever I did!  It has definitely made me a better mother and person.
Thank you Ms. Robyn for having my back then and now.  We love you!
Erica and the babies

Anetrice House, Incorporated

My name is Johnie Thomas and I am 22 years and a mother of 1 child.  I first met Ms. Christian when she was a Foster Care Parent. I was displaced and pregnant and I was put into a Foster Care Program and Ms. Christian was my foster parent.  I had a rough pregnancy and was back and forth to the hospital sometimes with days stay and she was there.  When I went into labor Ms. Christian took off work and held my hand for two days and I have never forgotten that.  When I aged out of the system we still kept in contact and I knew she was working on Anetrice House.  I lost my apartment and called Ms. Christian because we had no place to go. Ms. Christan informed me that the next day was her grand opening for her program and we were her first residents. I had 6 months before graduated from nursing school. My life coach with her Program helped me get a job with Johns Hopkins Hospital before I graduated, I started counseling, and I took parenting classes before I left. I hope that Ms. Christian can get fully funded because I learned so much from the first day I met her that I know that so many young girls would be different after being in her program. This program is like nothing I’ve ever been involved in and I was in Foster Care since I was 10 years old. Thank you

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