Anetrice House, Incorporated

                                        ANETRICE HOUSE VIRTUAL SUPPORT SERVICE PROGRAM

 Here at Anetrice House, we pride ourselves on offering our community the opportunity to heal from the inside out! During these trying and lonely times, we want to take our services worldwide, so that we can empower young people everywhere. Below you will find the Anetrice House Virtual Package. If you do or do not have health insurance, it doesn’t matter; we can still help you. Please take a moment and review our services and see what you need. Once you have, please feel free to contact Ms. Robyn Christian at (443) 432-5118 or send an email to


 Counseling without Health Insurance.              (10 Sessions).        $1100.00
 Life Coaching.                                                   (10 Sessions).        $1200.00

   Services provided to the students will include proper nutrition education, the importance of physical and mental wellness training, the introduction of stress management techniques, time management workshops, menu planning and budgeting classes, step by step instruction on how to open and maintain a checking account, responsible spending, and planning for life after successfully completing college. In addition, students will participate in individual and/or group therapeutic sessions focused on improving their overall mental well-being, support them with managing any symptomology associated with stress, depression, or a mental health diagnosis and allow them an outlet for voicing and processing feelings related to life events. Finally, students will be given assistance with tangible resources that enhance individual wellness and life skill development.                                                                                                                                     

Parenting Education.                                      (6-week Session).              $500.00
     The parent education program not only gives you tools to raise happy, healthy, and competent children, but also a community of support. We empower and educate parents and children in their home, school, or community using either a structured curriculum or support groups.        


Financial Literacy Class.                               (3-week Session).                 $500.00                                         
     We offer a variety of financial education classes. Classes are offered throughout the year and topics include but are not limited to:
Learn how to improve your credit score
Build a budget that works for you
Plan for retirement
Reduce your debt

Career Readiness & Entrepreneurship Services (12-week Session).            $1,500.00
THE xCHANGE program is designed to assist at-risk youth with career readiness and
entrepreneurship development skills. Students learn how to collaborate and network with
their peers, while also gaining personal insights into their strengths and development
needs. xCHANGE sharpens their ability for career advancement and prepares youth to take
action when the opportunities arise.

The goal of this series is to engage students in open discussions about entrepreneurship,
self-development, and community.

UBC offers xCHANGE services to at-risks ages 15-25. At-risk youth types include the
following categories, but are not limited to:
● Youth offenders
● Youth classified as homeless
● Pregnant or Parenting youth
● Foster Care youth
● A youth that requires additional assistance to complete an educational/employment program

UBC Intake and Evaluation Process:
All youth enrolled in the xCHANGE program series are evaluated and placed in
programming according to their needs assessment. Youth placement services include:
● Career Counseling and Planning
● Resource and Relationship Building
● Occupational Skills Training
● Entrepreneurial Development
● Educational Services
● Supportive Services
● Financial Literacy
● Mentoring